How much does a typical wedding cost?

There really is no such thing as a ‘typical’ wedding, which is a good thing.  I encourage couples to make their wedding unique to them.  So when figuring up a price for your wedding, there are quite a few factors; things like:

So, there is quite a bit of information that goes into figuring up a price for any given wedding.  The best thing, honestly, is just give me a shout and we can chat about what your plans are for your wedding to come up with some options that fit exactly what you’re needs are.  It doesn’t hurt to ask.  🙂

How many pictures will I get?

Depending on how long you book me for, it could be anywhere from 300ish to 450ish.  I try not to give couples too many pictures and feel that it’s my responsibly to only give them the best shots.  

How many pictures do you take at a single wedding?

If I’m shooting an all day wedding, which lasts around 9 hours, I usually take about 1,100 pictures.  Not every picture comes out, of course.  Sometimes you get people blinking, or talking, which doesn’t usually turn out.  But I have taken as many as 2,200 for a single wedding!  That’s a lot of pictures to have to go through and edit.  Whew!


How long do engagement sessions last?

I don’t have a time limit on my engagement sessions.  I don’t like the restraints that puts on the shoot.  Everyone reacts differently in front of the camera, but obviously we have to keep it within reason.  Typically, engagement shoots last around 2 hours.

How many outfits can we wear for our engagement session?

The number of outfits really depends on you.  Some couples stick with one outfit and some do a wardrobe change.  I’d say no more than 3 outfit changes, though, since it would start to interfere with the shoot itself and typically the lighting doesn’t last as long as we’d like.  Some couples like to keep it casual, while others like to do a mixture of a casual outfit and something dressy.  

Where can we have our engagement session?

I like to have my engagement session in spots that represent who you are as a couple, whether that be a location of your choosing or, if you don’t have a specific spot in mind, one that I suggest.  There can be a little bit of travel done for engagement sessions, within reason.  I do try to encourage couples to try and think of a location that is unique to you, be it your own property, or a family member’s property.  Something that not everyone has access to that adds yet another unique aspect to your photo shoot.  It can be as big or as close-to-home as you’d like.  I’ve gone to other states for engagement shoots and I’ve done them at a couple’s home, so whichever suits you is perfect for me.